Silky Smooth Banana Hair Mask

These cold winter months may have taken a toll on your hair. To keep your locks shiny & feeling silky soft we came up with an awesome hair mask that uses natural ingredients and is sure to rejuvenate your dull lifeless hair back to it’s former glory.

Bananas are great for your hair as they are rich in natural oils, vitamins and carbohydrates which help protect your hair’s natural elasticity as well as softening and making your hair extra shiny.

The avocado is a rich source of proteins and amino acids, all th which keep your hair strong and growing healthy, while moisturizing the scalp to help maintain healthy hair growth.

You will need:

1/2 Banana

1/2 Avocado

1 Egg Yolk

2 tsp. Organic Honey

5 drops Cedarwood essential Oil

Mash the banana and avocado together an using a fork separate the egg yolk and add to the mixture.

Combine the honey and cedarwood essential oil. You can also use other essential oils such as clary sage or rosemary as well as a scented oil such as lavender.

Once mixed together thoroughly, apply to your damp hair.

This works best while you are in the shower to make for an easier clean up.

Use a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute throughout your hair.

After 2-5 minutes, remove as much as you can and toss it in the trash, rinse the remaining mixture using a light shampoo or conditioner.

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