Home Remedy for Cracked Feet

cracked feet remedy
Homemade remedy to heel your cracked feet and leave them feeling super soft.

Honey is beneficial to moisturize and seal the cracks, while the lemon juice helps to eat away the dead skin cells.

All You Need…
2 tbsp. Organic Honey
1 tbsp. Vaseline, Almond or Olive Oil
1 tbsp. Lemon or Orange Juice

If you microwave the honey for about 20 seconds to warm up will make it easier to spread on.

In a small bowl or container, add honey, oil or Vaseline, and citrus juice and mix together until creamy.

Before applying, use a foot file to remove any of the dead skin.

Apply mixture to foot and massage from heel to toes. Don’t forget to rub in between the toes to!

Put on socks and after about 30-40 minutes, rinse feet with warm (but not hot) water.

This time of the year as it starts getting colder, your skin is more vulnerable and cracks easily. It’s important to keep your feet protected and moisturized.

Keep any excess mixture in the refrigerator when not using. If you store in a mason jar with lid you can soak in a bowl of water water to soften mixture before applying again.

You can do this method once a day to help prevent from dry, cracked feet.

Image credit: librakv / ShutterStock

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