DIY Eyelash Growth Serum

If you’ve been having trouble growing out your lashes or you just want them longer and thicker,m why not try this simple lash lengthening serum which is really easy to make and is super cheap.

This method works very well, and it beats going to the doctors office to pay 3x as much just for the visit!

You might have seen quite a few of these posts on the internet. We decided to do our own little research and we feel this is the best method for lengthening your lashes.

If you’re into DIY beauty, then you probably already have these items in your home!

What You Need:

1 tbsp. Castor Oil
1/2 tbsp. Almond Oil
1/2 tsp. Sweet Almond Oil
1/2 tsp. Vitamin E Oil
Empty, Cleaned Mascara Tube

We also recommend using a funnel, as this makes it incredibly easy when adding the ingredient (and avoids a mess).

Fill your container with the above ingredients, using castor oil as the base, and adding the Vitamin E last.

Tightly secure on the cap and give the bottle a quick shake to mix up the ingredients.

Use the serum before you go to bed as it will will work it’s magic while you are sleeping!

Apply just a small amount, as too much and you’ll have oil running down your face. Always make sure to wash your face in the morning!

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