DIY Dry Scalp & Hair Mask

If your hair or scalp has been increasingly dry lately, there is a quick fix that will restore your locks and increase a natural shine to your hair color.

Before we begin, it’s good to know that many haircare products contain chemicals that overtme, cause your hair to dull and dry out. By applying this to your hair not only helps to protect from further damage, will actually rejuvenate & moisturize your scalp, while adding volume to your hair.

1). Combine mayo, egg, almond oil & honey together and mix until smooth & creamy. Apply mixture to your hair thoroughly.

2). With a wide comb evenly spread the mix through hair from your scalp down to your ends.

3). Put hair in a shower cap or wrapped in a towel for about 10 minutes.

4). After 10 minutes, shampoo & condition hair as you normally would.

We recommend doing this technique once a week or about 3 times per month for the best results.

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